How to Put a Tesla in Neutral

January 22, 2024
David Sunnyside

If you own a Tesla vehicle, it is important to know how to put your car into neutral. This will help you in various situations, including going to the car wash or being towed. Although it might not be as easy as shifting into neutral in a regular car, it is still relatively simple.

In Teslas, you can place your car into neutral by pressing and holding both scroll buttons on the steering wheel simultaneously for about five seconds. You should also activate the hazard lights in this process to signal other drivers that you are not driving the car and to warn anyone who might be approaching from behind.

The Model 3 and Y have a stalk on the right side of the steering wheel that can be used to control modes and shift gears easily. Simply push the stalk up or down depending on whether you are in Drive or Reverse mode and wait for a second for 'N' to appear on the screen. For models that don’t have a stalk, you will need to use the touchscreen on your Model S or X to put your vehicle into neutral.

Tesla recently added a new Transport Mode feature to its cars that allows you to safely place your vehicle in neutral for transportation purposes. You can enable this mode by going to the menu and tapping Controls > Service > Towing. This will disable your Car Wash Mode, which will prevent the transmission from shifting while your Tesla is in the conveyor belt.

David Sunnyside
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