How to Raise Objects in Sims 4

February 16, 2024
David Sunnyside

With the help of various building cheats, players can optimize object placement and create unique, personalized spaces for their Sims. The ability to rotate, scale, and position objects freely within a room allows for a wide range of customization options that can take builds to the next level. However, while these tricks can make a huge difference in the way Sims interact with their environment, they are not without a few limitations.

This article will teach readers how to raise objects sims 4 and bypass the pesky grid system that many builders encounter. While there are a variety of different methods for doing this, the most effective method involves using the testing cheat and the '9' and '0' keys while in Build mode. To enable the testing cheat, click ctrl, shift, and c all at once to open the window, then type testingcheats enabled. Once activated, select Build/Buy mode and then press the '9' key to raise an object and '0' to lower it.

Keep in mind that this trick should only be used on decorative or non-functioning objects, as moving functional items could cause issues in the future, including glitches and missing effects. However, using this method can give your Sims a more personalized and creative space, especially when placed in and around water features such as pools and fountains. This will also allow for the placement of plant, landscaping, and sculptural elements that are often difficult to position using normal means.

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