How to Redeem Kiip Rewards

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The reward startup that aims to "monetize moments of achievement" like reaching the top level of a game or beating a workout goal is introducing a new way for mobile consumers to redeem those rewards. Kiip, backed by Relay Ventures, Hummer Winblad and others, is integrating Apple Pay into its branded rewards so users can go from watching a video ad to purchasing the resulting product or gift card in just one click. The feature will be available in a number of the 3,000 apps that partner with Kiip, including beauty, fitness and productivity apps. For example, TV network AMC will offer a free digital download of the zombie-based game Into the Dead when users reach certain in-game milestones.

Kiip has also added a consumer-facing app called Kiipsake, which will act as a central wallet for all of the rewards unlocked in developer partners' games and apps. It will also be a discovery tool, helping consumers find those apps that support Kiip rewards. It's the latest step in a long journey for Kiip, which started out as a games-based network but has since expanded into fitness and utility apps.

The company has been able to demonstrate that its rewards system is effective at driving consumer engagement for both brands and developers. Its studies show that first-time users see an initial engagement rate of 18-22% and then reengagement grows to 50%. That's a big bump from the traditional ad-supported click-through rates seen in mobile advertising.

David Sunnyside
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