How to Remove a WYZE Doorbell

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

WYZE offers a couple of different video doorbell options. The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro can be hardwired into your existing doorbell wires or it can run on battery power alone. However, both of these units have the same drawback: You must remove the unit from your door to recharge the batteries or to replace them completely. This can be a hassle, especially for businesses that use the doorbells to answer customer calls.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few ways to avoid these issues by using a simple solution. This method involves bypassing the chime (the bell sound that normally rings when someone presses the button) and is an easy fix for anyone with basic electronics skills.

To do this, simply find a standard outlet within 30 feet of the chime and plug it in. Then, press and hold the reset button on the chime until the blue light flashes three times quickly. This will reset the device to its factory default settings. After resetting, the device should reconnect to your Wi-Fi network automatically and will be available for setup through the Wyze app.

You may also have an electrical problem if the status light on the front of the doorbell is blinking yellow. If this is the case, you should check that the breaker for your doorbell is switched on. If you still can’t connect your Wyze doorbell, you should contact customer support for further assistance. Alternatively, you can try resetting the device by turning it off and then on again. This can sometimes fix software bugs that prevent a device from connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

David Sunnyside
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