How to Remove Frequently Visited on iPhone and iPad

January 4, 2024
David Sunnyside

Like most web browsers, Safari on the iPhone keeps track of sites you visit frequently and showcases them for quick access. While this feature is useful, it can also be intrusive if you're concerned about privacy or just want to streamline your start page. Fortunately, there are several ways to hide or remove the Frequently Visited section of your Safari homepage on the iPhone and iPad.

You can add websites to your Frequently Visited section by creating a bookmark with Command-D or by selecting a website in the tabs area of Safari and tapping Edit on the page's upper right corner. You can also add sites to your Favorites to view them on the iPhone's Start page or in new tabs. Disabling Frequently Visited will not delete your browsing history or cookies, but it will prevent the website thumbnails from appearing on your iPhone's Start page or in new tabs. You can re-enable this feature at any time by going back to the Start page or tapping the toggle switch to turn it on.

You can clear your iPhone's Frequently Visited site data by opening the Safari app and tapping the Bookmarks icon (it looks like an open book with a clock). You can also erase your browsing history on all iCloud-connected devices at once by opening the Settings app, tapping the Privacy option and choosing Clear History.

David Sunnyside
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