How to Remove Friends on Venmo

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

Venmo is a social payment app that makes sharing, sending and receiving money easy for friends, family members and business associates. What sets Venmo apart from other apps is its Friends Activity Feed feature which shows your transactions with people you share a Venmo relationship with.

An intriguing feature, yet also a potential privacy risk is Facebook Friends Lists. Even when your account is set to make transactions private, your friends list remains public -- something highlighted when President Biden used the app last week. There is an easy way to remove someone from this list in this article's three steps outlined below.

How to Add Friends on Venmo

Venmo allows you to easily add new friends through either your contact list, or manually entering their information. If choosing the latter method, however, their QR code (located either on their profile page or by tapping "Friends" number at the top of Me tab) needs to be supplied before tapping "Options" icon and choosing "Scan Code."

Once you have their QR code, open your Venmo app and navigate directly to their profile. Here will appear their name, username and recent transactions. To remove them from your list simply navigate back through their profile by tapping three-dots menu icon located in upper right corner and select "Delete Friends."

As soon as you click the button, your friend will be automatically removed from your Venmo list. While they'll still be able to view any past transactions saved in their Venmo app, future payments exchanged between us will only be visible to us and you alone. Alternatively, you can opt-in to "mute transactions on Friends List", preventing their activity from appearing on your transaction feed but without actually removing them completely from the list.

Readding contacts is straightforward if necessary; simply access your Me tab in the bottom right corner of your phone screen to do so and find options that allow you to add contacts from your list or search by name or username.

If you prefer not to change or use this feature, Venmo makes it easy for you to delete people from your list using their app. Simply visit their profile and either scan their code or click the three dot icon in the upper right corner and select "Unfriend." While this won't prevent them from viewing payments or messages sent from you directly, but will prevent them from seeing what else they see from you and vice versa. Ultimately though, Venmo needs to work on its default settings so users have a way of opting-out by default so they don't expose transactions to everyone by default if that option exists - especially considering they don't even know who their contacts are when exchanging payments or messages between contacts through Venmo!

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