How to Reset Media Volume Limit Pin

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Modern phones and tablets typically come with a media volume limit feature that prevents the audio from rising above a set threshold when you're using headphones or Bluetooth speakers. The feature is protected with a PIN, and you'll receive a notification each time the threshold is reached.

This feature can be especially helpful if you share your device with kids, as prolonged listening at high volume levels is known to damage hearing. To enable the feature, head to the Settings menu and tap Sound and vibration. From there, you can access the audio settings and relevant features. From there, you can activate the media volume limit and adjust a custom limit.

On the Galaxy S21 and other phones that run Samsung's One UI platform, you'll find a setting for "Media volume limit." While this feature may vary slightly depending on your phone's specific model and wireless service provider, the steps outlined below should work for most devices.

How to reset media volume limit pin

The default maximum audio volume setting on most smartphones is set very high, which can be damaging to your ears if you use it for extended periods of time. To avoid damaging your hearing, you can turn on the Media volume limit feature on your Galaxy device by navigating to the Settings menu and tapping Sound & vibration. From there, you can access the three-vertical-dot Menu button and select "Media volume limit." Toggle the switch to turn on the feature and choose a custom limit. You can also configure a PIN to prevent others from tampering with the maximum volume setting.

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