How to Return Xfinity Modems

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you choose to cancel or switch plans without keeping all the equipment you currently have, as part of your contract it is your obligation to return all leased equipment within 14 days of receiving it (even if damaged, faulty or no longer necessary). When returning items a receipt will be provided; this helps protect both parties should they go missing during shipment or take longer than anticipated to arrive back with us.

There are three methods for returning Xfinity equipment: online, by phone and at a physical store. Each option offers advantages and disadvantages; before selecting your preferred method. Online returns may be the easiest to manage from home - though be mindful that processing may take some time; best to begin this process as soon as you know you will be switching services.

Start the return process by logging into your Xfinity account and visiting the Equipment Return page. Here you will find a list of devices associated with your contract as well as their serial numbers; select all those you would like to return and click "Continue". Select why the return is being done as well as checking off "I agree to return my equipment and will pay any rental/lease charges that may apply".

After reviewing your equipment that needs to be returned, Xfinity will provide a UPS prepaid shipping label which can be printed out and attached directly to its original box. Be sure to save this portion as it contains your tracking number - or call 1-800-PICK-UPS directly and arrange for pick up or drop off of the package at any location offering UPS services.

Once Xfinity receives your package, they'll send a confirmation email and update your statement of return accordingly. Alternatively, bring it into a Comcast Service Center or Xfinity store nearby where a customer service agent will give you a receipt that should be kept for records just in case the package gets lost or misplaced.

As with both types of returns, both require some patience before being reflected on your account. It is wise to give yourself ample time when returning via UPS; even returns made directly at an Xfinity store may take some time if rushed through. Once you have the return receipt in hand, rest easy knowing all your equipment has been received back successfully and any associated monthly charges have been removed from your bill.

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