How to Ride a Freeboard

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

A freeboard is a skateboard that looks like a snowboard. It has two extra wheels on the center axis that rotate freely, allowing you to slide and carve on pavement just as you would on snow. It’s a great way to practice snowboarding moves on the concrete before the upcoming season, or just for casual cruising around town. It can be difficult to learn, but with some time and patience you’ll be able to ride a freeboard and enjoy the unique freedom it offers.

To begin riding, position your feet on the board in a comfortable stance, with your heels or toes equidistant from the edges of the deck. Place the majority of your weight over the front foot and gradually shift to the back. When you have your balance, lean back slightly to gain speed and keep the pressure on the board with your foot channels. The rear wheel may lift up as you go faster, but this is normal and helps the board maintain control.

Remember to wear a helmet and any other safety gear you might need while learning. You’ll also want to check that your kingpin (the big screw holding the trucks together) is tight, but not so tight that it is too hard to turn. You’ll also need to adjust the centers of your trucks so that when you lean in, they stay centered and not tilting forward or back. Lighter riders might need looser trucks, and heavier riders might need tighter ones.

David Sunnyside
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