How to Run and Sprint in Elder Ring

November 7, 2023
David Sunnyside

One of the biggest obstacles beginners face in elden ring is learning how to run and sprint. This is a vital mechanic in the game, and understanding how it works can make navigating the Lands Between much faster.

The process of running is surprisingly simple. Players simply need to hold down the roll button, or circle on PlayStation consoles, and B on Xbox. The character will then start moving much faster than normal, though their stamina bar will slowly deplete.

In combat, running can be a useful way to quickly close the gap between you and an enemy or get away from a dangerous area. It can also be used to move around a map more quickly, though it is still important to take the time to learn when it’s more appropriate to dodge rolls than to run.

Outside of combat, however, your stamina will not deplete, allowing you to sprint as often as you want. This is a huge advantage that can help you move around the game much more efficiently, and it’s particularly helpful when attempting a pacifist run of the game.

On PC, the default key for sprinting in elden ring is the space bar, although it can be changed to another button in the options menu. Likewise, the back step and dodge roll movements can be assigned to different keys as well. Using the right key can make a massive difference when trying to dodge attacks without taking damage, and it can also help you overcome some of the more challenging bosses.

David Sunnyside
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