How to Run Like the Flash

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

One of the most impressive things about the Flash is that he can run so fast that he breaks the sound barrier. This allows him to move so quickly that he can literally outrun the sound waves behind him, giving him an incredible amount of maneuverability. But this is just one aspect of the Flash's speed powers, and he uses his incredible speed in many ways throughout the DC Comics universe.

In addition to running at superhuman speeds, the Flash can also vibrate his molecules and phase through solid objects. This is how he can get around the walls of a building when he is in trouble. The Flash also has the ability to steal speed from other people, which is often used in fights with the likes of Zoom and Captain Cold.

But one of the most unique aspects of the Flash's powers is that he can also create constructs from lightning and the energy of the Speed Force itself. This can include everything from lightning-enhanced punches to platforms that the Flash can use to run on. This is a powerful and creative aspect of the Flash's power set, and it makes him an incredibly difficult superhero to fight.

But how exactly does the CW's Grant Gustin manage to make himself look like the fastest man alive on TV? In a recent interview, he revealed how he trains to keep up with the demands of the role. The key to running like the flash is working on your short bursts of speed, and using high-intensity exercises with short rest periods to build up your aerobic endurance. The best way to do this is by doing 60/120 intervals, where you sprint for 60 seconds and then walk or jog as a recovery for 120 seconds. This gives you a work to rest ratio of 1:2 and will help you develop the leg strength needed to reach near-light speed.

David Sunnyside
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