How to Save in No Man's Sky

October 24, 2023
David Sunnyside

No Man's Sky is a massively multiplayer space exploration game where you can build your own life across the cosmos. Explore beautiful, unknown planets teeming with life or fight for survival against hostile creatures and brutal pirates.

No Man’s Sky is a hugely ambitious title, offering up countless planets to explore and a wealth of resources to gather. There’s also a complex space-flight system, fleets of ships to control and exotic plants to tend. Whether you’re working towards building the starship of your dreams, warping to the center of the galaxy or tending to your exotic plant farm, it’s important to save regularly.

Thankfully, there are three ways to manually save in No Man’s Sky: exiting your ship, interacting with a beacon on any planet and crafting portable save points. This guide will walk you through all of them, helping you to avoid the risk of losing valuable progress.

How to save in no man's sky

No Man’s Sky’s saving mechanics are a little bit confusing. The game doesn’t have a traditional save option in the options menu, and it only auto-saves when you exit your starship or reach major story beats. You can, however, manually save by exiting your ship and activating a Beacon on any planet. Beacons are cylindrical structures that appear on most planetary surfaces, usually near ruins or monoliths. They’re an essential way to save your game, so make sure you’re using them regularly! You can also craft a Portable Save Point by using 2 Metal Plating and 1 Di-hydrogen Jelly in your base.

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