How to Screen Record on iPhone 14

December 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

Screen recording is a handy tool for creating engaging tutorials, showcasing gaming achievements, or simply recording videos. While there are plenty of third-party software solutions available to facilitate this process, it is always preferable to stick with Apple’s specialized built-in functionality to avoid privacy issues.

In this article, we will be discussing how to screen record on iphone 14. The first step is to add the Screen Recording button to your Control Center. This can be done by performing a downward swipe starting from the top right corner of your iPhone (or the battery indicator for Touch ID models). Once you have located the Screen Recording option, tap on it to initiate the recording. A three-second countdown will commence, and once the timer reaches zero your screen recording will begin. A red status bar will appear at the top of your iPhone’s display to indicate that a video is currently being recorded.

When you are finished with your recording, you can either tap on the red timer or Dynamic Island (depending on your iPhone model) to stop your recording. Note that any notifications that you receive during the duration of your recording will be visible in your video, so it is best to turn off Do Not Disturb Focus mode while utilizing this feature. All recorded videos are saved to your Photos app. To view them, open the app and tap Albums > Screen Recordings. You can also access them from your Camera Roll by tapping on the Screen Recording icon in Control Center.

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