How To Screenshot On Logitech Keyboard

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

Logitech is an esteemed manufacturer of computer peripherals and offers an assortment of keyboards compatible with various operating systems, from Windows to macOS and beyond. Their keyboards include features that enhance work experience - like backlights that allow for use even in dimly-lit environments or to display static contrast, breathing waves or waves effects; you can even configure brightness levels according to personal needs.

If you are using a Windows-based computer, pressing the "Print Screen" (sometimes known as PrtScn key) can capture an entire screenshot and save it as an image file to your clipboard - this way it can then be pasted directly into an application such as Microsoft Paint or Word with Ctrl + V keys.

Alternately, Windows provides its own built-in tool for taking screenshots called the Snipping Tool. To launch it, type "snipping" in the Start menu search box. When the tool opens, use your mouse pointer to draw out an area on your screen that you wish to capture before clicking left button on mouse to capture selection and save to your Pictures library "Screenshots" folder.

How Can I Screenshot On Logitech Keyboard? Logitech keyboards feature a Print Screen button for quickly taking snapshots of an entire desktop or notebook computer screen, but not all models offer this functionality; some instead feature a separate camera icon which allows you to take snapshots of specific windows or areas of the display.

Most Logitech keyboards feature a Print Screen key, accessible by pressing Fn and PrtScn (Print Scr) simultaneously. This will save an image of the current desktop to your clipboard for editing in programs like Microsoft Paint.

Logitech keyboards feature an "Snapshot" key which can be used to capture individual windows or sections of the screen. This feature can help if you need to capture a small portion of your desktop, and can even be combined with other shortcuts or tools for enhanced use.

Logitech keyboards also allow users to change the function of the Print Screen key so you can use it for other tasks, and this feature is included with their Logitech Options software. Once downloaded and installed, simply navigate to and follow their instructions to download and install Logitech Options, selecting Devices in Logitech Options to manage your keyboard from its list of devices.

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