How to See Reposts on TikTok

March 19, 2024
David Sunnyside

Reposts are a great way to share content with your followers, build trust with your community, find new audiences and stay on top of trends. Using reposts can also help you gain more traction with your videos and increase engagement.

Reposting is a great tool to keep your audience engaged and inspired with fresh, original content. Whether you’re looking to grow your brand or boost engagement, you can easily do so by using the TikTok repost feature. However, many brands struggle to understand how to see their reposts on tiktok and what the benefits of doing so are.

Keeping track of your reposts is an important part of your social media strategy. It allows you to see how well your content is performing and helps you identify what types of videos are most popular with your audience. It’s also a great way to show your support for other creators on the platform and can lead to collaborations in the future.

How to See Reposts on tiktok

When TikTok introduced its “Repost” button in 2022, it gave users the ability to share other user’s content with their followers without risk of copyright infringement. The feature works similar to Twitter’s retweet option, except that the reposted video does not appear on your profile, but is sent out to your friends’ For You feeds.

There are a few different ways to view your reposts on TikTok, including by going to the user’s profile and clicking the repost icon (two arrows facing upward and downward) underneath their profile bio. Additionally, there are third-party tools and apps that can give you more detailed information about your reposts and how they’re being used on the platform.

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