How to See Your YouTube Wrapped Story

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

It’s that time of the year when music platforms release their wrap up stories, a trend started by Spotify Wrapped. Now, YouTube is hopping on the bandwagon with a new feature called ’Your Recap’ in its music app. Unlike the other two, this isn’t a full-fledged assessment of your listening habits. Instead, it’s a collection of data from the past year with a final card that you can share online.

The YouTube Music Recap 2022 is available in the app now. The story itself is an Instagram-style slideshow with personal stats and a 100-song playlist. You can see how many minutes you’ve listened to, as well as your top artists, songs, playlists, and albums. It’s interesting to see how the content you listen to differs from the rest of your library, as this is a great way to gauge what types of music you enjoy.

The YouTube Recap isn’t a perfect replacement for a Spotify Wrapped or Apple Music Replay, but it’s a fun feature that shows the popularity of different genres and artists. It’s also a good way to compare your music preferences with those of your friends. If you don’t have a YouTube Music subscription, there are other apps like Judge My Music that can also give you a similar overview of your listening. However, the free app is experiencing issues such as limited API quota and the infamous ‘Error: No creators found’ error. So, for now, you’re better off with Spotify’s official Wrapped.

David Sunnyside
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