How to Ship a Car across the Country

November 20, 2023
Natalie Thorburn


Shipping your car across the country can be an expensive endeavor, so it is crucial that you conduct extensive research before selecting an organization to ship with. This article will address everything from costs associated with transporting to what should be avoided when shipping a vehicle.

Start by gathering instant quotes online. Compare prices and select an auto shipper who has received positive customer reviews.


Finding a dependable and safe auto transport company is paramount when shipping a car across the country.

While many offer competitive pricing options, keep in mind that choosing the cheapest option may not always be best or safest option - for optimal results it may be wiser to opt for middle-of-the-road providers instead of choosing those offering low costs since selecting cheaper providers could end up costing more later due to poor service or damage.

For a reliable and cost-effective solution for car shipping, consider exploring options like Shiply's car shipping services, which offer a range of transport methods to suit different needs and budgets

To obtain an accurate quote, it is essential that you provide details about your vehicle, preferred shipping method, pickup/delivery locations and desired time frame. The more details provided will help give an accurate estimation.

The type of car also affects shipping costs; SUVs and trucks typically cost more to ship than sedans. You can learn more about SUVs by clicking the link. Non-operational vehicles also tend to cost more as they require special trailers.

Additionally, you should clear out your vehicle of personal items and detachable items like GPS devices, toll tags or custom stereo systems in order to reduce shipping costs and ensure it arrives ready-to-drive on arrival. Be sure to also check fluid levels and charge the battery before shipping the vehicle; some companies charge additional fees for refueling or mileage expenses.

Time of Year

Being flexible about when and how you ship your car can save money. Setting firm deadlines often increases costs as carriers or brokers must pay extra fees in order to meet them as well as work around possible weather-related delays.

Winter is often considered the off-peak season for car shipping services, meaning there are fewer people relocating during this period and consequently lower pricing can be found for such services. You should still prepare yourself for potential weather-related delays as roads can be treacherous with snow and ice accumulation.

Open auto transport services offer the most cost-efficient means of shipping vehicles across the country. This way to ship your car across the country is simple and safe. These drivers are capable of hauling multiple cars simultaneously, helping reduce transportation and fuel expenses.

Car Type

Long-distance relocation can be both stressful and daunting for all involved. From packing your belongings to filing change of address notifications and arranging car transport across the country, there's so much work ahead before you even begin settling in your new home.

Thanks to professional auto shipping services, there are now options available that can help safely and quickly transport your vehicle across long distances to its new home city. It is important to understand which factors impact car shipping quotes so you can choose one that meets both your needs and budget requirements.

Open carrier transport is the easiest and cheapest method of shipping cars nationwide, which entails your car being loaded onto a multi-car trailer along with six to 12 other automobiles. While this may work for standard automobiles, those shipping rare or classic cars may want to consider enclosed carriers as an alternative solution.

Terminal-to-terminal transport is an alternative form of car shipping that typically involves picking up and dropping off your vehicle at designated terminals.

Although sometimes more costly, terminal-to-terminal is often ideal for those without time to drive their vehicle between terminals. Whatever method you select, always inspect it upon arrival for damages that might have occurred during transit.


Cost of shipping your car across the country varies significantly based on multiple factors. When researching companies and their prices, make sure that you also consider insurance types available - this way you'll know which company may try and scam you out of money!

It is also important to become knowledgeable on all available auto transport insurance types and how to identify companies which could potentially try and take advantage of you by providing inadequate policies or misleading advertising claims.

Begin your search by researching reliable, experienced companies. Once you've narrowed down your options, request quotes from several.

Be sure to provide accurate details about your vehicle - such as its make and model number. When considering open versus enclosed carriers for car transporting purposes, an open carrier will often cost less money; however it leaves it vulnerable against weather elements and debris on the roads, while enclosed trucks offer greater protection from road debris hazards.

Once you've selected a company, verify their insurance policy before booking car shipment. They should provide you with their certificate of insurance as well as information on what type of coverage they offer - if they refuse, it may be wiser to move onto other options.


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