How to Spell Valentine's Day Correctly

November 2, 2023
David Sunnyside

As a popular holiday filled with hearts, flowers and teddy bears, Valentine's Day is often misspelled. This article explains how to spell valentine's day correctly, as well as some tips for the special day.

There are many different stories of who Saint Valentine was, but the one most commonly told is that he was a priest from Rome during the third century. Emperor Claudius II believed that single men made better soldiers than those who had wives and families, so he outlawed marriage for Roman citizens. When Valentine found out about this rule he married couples secretly. When the emperor discovered this, he imprisoned Valentine and sentenced him to death. Before he was killed, he wrote a letter to a jailer's daughter and signed it "from your Valentine."

This note of love is rumored to be the origin of the customs that have become associated with this holiday. During the Middle Ages, it became common to send cards and other tokens of affection to friends and loved ones. These greetings are known as valentines, and the practice quickly spread across Europe. Eventually, these valentines would be decorated with pictures of cupid and hearts, making them the symbols we know and love today.

David Sunnyside
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