How to Spot a Cat Hidden Among Owls in an Optical Illusion

February 24, 2024
David Sunnyside

Among the many tricks of camouflage that animals have honed over time, one is particularly impressive: mimicking their surroundings. The technique allows them to blend in and avoid danger or simply catch the eye of potential prey — something that has proved invaluable for a cat hidden amid a parliament of owls in a viral optical illusion.

This optical illusion has taken the internet by storm and stumped millions of people as they try to figure out where the elusive cat is hiding. But if you look closely enough, there is actually a cat in the picture. All you have to do is focus on the woman holding a broom and looking at a bucket in front of her, then look up above the broom where the curtain hangs. The cat is sitting there and its silhouette, along with the curved hem of the curtain and the woman’s arm, creates a telltale outline of the feline.

If you were able to find the cat within the allotted time frame, then you should congratulate yourself for having excellent vision and observation skills. But if you’re still trying to spot the cat, don’t be discouraged — just keep searching and you will eventually find it. If you get stuck, you can always try turning the image upside down and looking at it from a different angle to see if that helps you spot the cat. Just remember to keep a calm head and not panic, as that will only make it harder for you to locate the cat.

David Sunnyside
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