How to Start a Rubber Band Ball

December 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

As many rubber band ball enthusiasts can attest, constructing such a sphere is an addictive hobby. You can use your ball as a stress reliever, to organize office supplies or even to squeeze rubber bands to strengthen hand muscles.

The first step is to create a core for your rubber band ball. This can be a small ball of tin foil or paper, or simply any other object that you are willing to encase in rubber bands. Once you have your core, begin to wrap it with rubber bands of varying sizes. A criss-cross pattern is most effective, and the smallest rubber bands should be used first, since they won’t be useful once the ball reaches a certain size. It is also helpful to wrap the smallest rubber bands around the core more than once, which helps them grip the ball better and prevent slippage.

Some builders prefer to chain multiple small rubber bands together, rather than wrapping them individually. This technique is controversial among rubber band ball fans, though some claim it adds weight to the ball faster than conventional methods. When the smallest rubber bands can no longer be used, it is a good idea to switch to wide rubber bands, which will hold the ball together and allow it to grow larger without falling apart.

Some rubber band ball enthusiasts are even attempting to break the world record for largest rubber band ball, currently held by Joel Waul at 9,032. Alliance is proud to be sponsoring Will Love in his quest, and you can follow his progress here.

David Sunnyside
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