How to Stream PS4 on Discord

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

Gaming is an enormous industry that has experienced exponential growth for years now. Thanks to video streaming platforms and social media, gamers have proven they possess what it takes to compete at a global level. One of the most popular social media platforms among gamers is Discord; an instant communication system which enables real time communication among friends as well as voice/text chat features with its large community base. While there is no direct way of streaming PS4 through Discord directly, there are some workarounds which may help.

To stream PS4 onto discord, first set up your computer with a capture card and connect the PS4 using an HDMI cable. Once they are synced up, use remote play app on PC to select PlayStation while joining voice channel or call on discord and click "share my screen" option in Discord application to share game on PC for all who can view.

This method requires some additional hardware: a MixAmp and ground loop noise isolator are essential; in addition to that you will require various cables such as male-to-male 3.5 mm cables, aux splitters, volume controls and male-to-males with volume controls; you will also require a headset with its own app so you can change settings as necessary.

Alternative approaches for streaming PS4 onto Discord include using video recording applications on PC. Although this process can be more involved than either of the other methods, video recording applications provide higher-quality streams than any of them. To begin using video recording apps on PC to stream PS4, first install and set up capture card software followed by connecting PS4 through HDMI cable to capture card while setting OBS Studio to record gameplay - once that's all setup you can launch Discord app on PC join voice channel or call and then click on "Share my Screen" option before sharing screen streaming your gameplay over Discord app PC launching Discord app PC launch it then click "Share My Screen" option and go live on PC with Discord server.

Use a video streaming service like YouTube or Twitch on a computer to stream gameplay, a less convenient method but useful if you lack access to a capture card. However, this method has some restrictions regarding video quality and latency issues that must be considered when choosing this approach.

Start by making sure your internet connection is stable, then launch the Discord app and sign in using your account information - to do so you must agree to Sony's data collection policies before creating a link between PlayStation Network IDs and Discord through User Settings > Connections either desktop or mobile device.

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