How to Tab on iPhone

November 28, 2023
David Sunnyside

Apple's iOS keyboard has a clean, simple and easy to use interface. However, it's missing one crucial feature: the Tab key. This can be a pain when trying to create a list in Pages or a comma delimited file on the go. Luckily, there are some ways you can insert a tab on iphone to get around this limitation.

Aside from certain apps that do offer an indent feature like Pages and Evernote, it's not easy to add a tab character on the iPhone or iPad. It can be pretty frustrating when you want to format text properly, especially since it takes longer to indent a line of text on the phone compared to the desktop. In this article, you'll learn a few different ways on how to tab on iphone.

The Tab or Indent key isn't present on the default iOS keyboard due to the fact that the iPhone and iPad only have four hardware buttons, not a full-sized computer keyboard. As a result, the software has to power all of the typing tools you'd find on a computer, but in a much smaller package. This means that features that would normally be found in the top row of keys on a laptop are hidden and buried deeper in the app's UI.

Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to access these features that were previously unavailable on the iPhone. In this article, you'll learn several different ways on how to tab on iphone and hopefully solve the issue once and for all.

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