How to Take a Screenshot on an Asus Laptop

February 7, 2023
David Sunnyside

how to take a screenshot on asus laptop

Screenshotting (or screencaps) is a unique operation that allows you to take an image of your computer screen and save it as an image file. This is handy for a variety of reasons, from showing your coworkers webpage edits to taking pictures of family members during Skype calls.

Asus laptop users have several options when it comes to screenshotting their computers. However, some of these tools may not work as well on some models and others don’t offer all the features you might want.

One of the best ways to take a screenshot on your Asus laptop is through the use of a third-party screen capture tool. These tools are designed to be simple to use and give you plenty of editing and sharing options.

The Snipping Tool

When you have a Windows system installed on your Asus laptop, it may come with a built-in snipping tool that allows you to easily take a screenshot of your computer screen. The Snipping Tool is easy to use and allows you to save your screen captures in a variety of formats, including JPEG.

The Snip & Sketch

If you’re on a Windows system, your Asus laptop may come with a snipping and sketching tool that lets you select a specific area of your screen to take a screenshot of. This is a great way to take custom screenshots of your Asus laptop and can also be used to share your computer screen with friends or family.

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