How to Take a Screenshot on Essential Phone

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

A screenshot on essential phone allows you to save an image of what's displayed on your smartphone or tablet. This feature has become fairly standard on most mobile devices, and it can be a handy way to save a conversation, Tinder photo, Instagram story or anything else you want to keep for later or share with others. However, not everyone knows how to take a screenshot on their device, or where the pictures are saved.

Unlike iPhones that integrate their camera roll and screenshots into one place, some Android phones separate the two. These include Motorola phones, which run near-stock builds of Android and skew close to Google's idea of how Android should work. Google's own Pixel line also has its own photo/gallery app that keeps screenshots and photos separately. But if you're coming from a Samsung, Oppo or Xiaomi phone and haven't used one of those apps before, it can be confusing at first to figure out where the screenshots are kept.

To take a screenshot on your Android phone, press the power button and the volume up button at the same time. You should hear a brief flash sound and see a thumbnail of your screen in the bottom left-hand corner of your display. The screenshot will then be saved in a special "Screenshots" album within the Gallery app on your device. You can move this folder to another album or delete it entirely if you'd prefer.

David Sunnyside
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