How to Take Off SOS on iPhone

November 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

The SOS mode on an iPhone is a great safety feature that allows you to call emergency services even when your phone doesn't have a cellular signal. However, if your pocket or purse sends the SOS signal by accident, it can be annoying and frustrating. This wikiHow article shows you how to disable the shortcut buttons on your iPhone so that you or your pocket won't accidentally trigger an emergency call again.

You can disable the emergency SOS feature on your iPhone by opening Settings and choosing Emergency SOS. You can also choose to disable manual triggers by toggling off the 'call with hold and release' and 'call with five button presses' switches. If you want to disable automatic crash detection calls, toggle off the 'call after severe crash' switch (this option is only available on iPhone 14 and later models).

Another way to disable the SOS mode on your iPhone is to turn on and off the Airplane mode on your device. This will reset the iPhone and it will stop looking for a signal. You can turn the Airplane mode on and off by tapping on the airplane icon in the status bar or by enabling it through the Control Center.

If you are still having trouble turning off the SOS mode on your iPhone, try using a third-party tool like Tenorshare ReiBoot to repair your device and fix other iOS problems as well. This tool can help you solve this problem in a matter of minutes and will restore your iPhone back to normal without any data loss.

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