How to Take PS5 Cover Off

December 7, 2023
David Sunnyside

PlayStation consoles have come a long way from bulky, awkward-looking devices that were the only options for consumers. Now, they’re sleek, have great ventilation, and can even be customized to match one’s style. However, it’s important to understand how to take ps5 cover off properly so you don’t damage the device. If you tug too hard or apply too much pressure, it can break the faceplates and void your warranty.

First, power down your PlayStation 5 and unplug all HDMI cables, power cables and USB-C connections. This ensures that the PS5 is completely safe from static electricity, which could potentially damage internal components. Next, place the PS5 on a flat working surface and reach towards the corner with the PlayStation logo (the opposite side from the disc drive). Gently lift the cover until you hear a small pop and see that it is removed.

Repeat the same process on the other side of the PS5. Lastly, grab your new PlayStation 5 plate and position it over the console with the logo facing towards you and a little to the left of the engraved Sony logo. Slide it on until you hear and feel a small click, which indicates that the plate is secured in place.

The PS5 is a powerful device, but it can be stressful when a disk gets stuck inside the console or when you’re trying to clean. Luckily, Sony made it easy to remove the top and bottom covers without voiding your warranty so that you can quickly solve these problems.

David Sunnyside
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