How to Turn Off a Tesla

January 20, 2024
David Sunnyside

You can easily turn off a Tesla to conserve energy, perform a reboot on the system for software updates or even prevent unwanted activation of features like the Sentry mode. It is a simple process that requires no special tools, and can be done through the vehicle touchscreen. We cover resetting your Tesla extensively in another article, but power cycling your Tesla can help handle some unusual behavior or nondescript alerts.

When you park a Tesla, the electric system and HVAC systems are turned off automatically. You can also shut down the car by pressing and releasing the brake pedal or by touching the Power Off button on the touchscreen display after shifting into Park.

A lot of people wonder if you have to “turn off” an EV like you would a normal car. The answer is no, but it’s not really what most people think. If you walk away from your Tesla with the key fob or phone and close the door, the EV will go into Sleep mode. The screen and controls will turn off, but most systems remain active.

Depending on how long you stay away from the car, it may remain in Sleep mode for fifteen minutes or more. If you want to turn off the EV for safety, to save battery power or to perform maintenance on the car, you can do so by tapping the Car icon on the lower-left corner of the touchscreen and choosing Controls > Safety & Security > Power Off. This will force the system to shutdown and won’t restart until you touch the touchscreen or press the brake pedal again.

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