How to Turn Off AirPod Location Notifications

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

A lot of people are annoyed by a feature that is supposed to help you find your lost AirPods. When they are separated from your iPhone, the headphones should send a notification to the phone that says “AirPods Pro detected”. This is useful for making sure you don’t leave the headsets somewhere intentional like at home or work. But it can be a nuisance, especially when you are listening to a song or podcast. It can also be annoying to have to constantly change the volume because of these notifications.

Some of the solutions proposed for the problem include changing the notifications volume on the iPhone or turning off the “Announce Notifications” option in Siri settings. However, these changes only affect media playback and don’t prevent the headphones from being alerted when someone else connects to your iPhone. Moreover, adjusting the alert volume doesn’t help because it changes the volume for all apps and not just music.

Another solution is to remove the Bluetooth feature on the headphones so they are not always paired with your iPhone. This may stop the separation alerts, but it will also prevent them from functioning properly, which can be an inconvenience. Lastly, one Reddit user pointed out that this issue might be caused by an unsecure Bluetooth connection between the iPhone and the headphones. Fortunately, the solution is not as complicated as it seems. Just make sure to use a secure Bluetooth connection and enable “Notify When Left Behind” in the AirPods’ Settings app.

David Sunnyside
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