How to Turn Off Frequently Visited on iPhone

March 1, 2024
David Sunnyside

Whether you're planning a clandestine escape with your lover or meticulously selecting a gift for someone, the last thing you want is for Safari to inadvertently reveal your plans by displaying the websites that you've been visiting most often. Luckily, it's easy to hide your frequently visited sites on iPhone and iPad by tapping the "Edit" button in a new tab and toggling the feature off. You can also clear your browsing history to remove the Frequently Visited section altogether.

The Frequently Visited section on the Start Page of Apple's web browser displays websites that you've recently visited, which are selected automatically based on your browsing habits. Regular visits, active engagement, and opening pages on synced devices all contribute to a site's chances of showing up in the Frequently Visited section. If you share your iPhone or iPad with others, disabling this section can protect their privacy by preventing them from seeing your favorite Internet haunts.

To turn off Frequently Visited on iPhone, launch Safari and scroll down to the start page to see the list of sites. If you have any open tabs, tap the plus icon to create a new one or tap the Edit button to view the options for customized start pages. Tap the switch next to Frequently Visited to toggle it off. You can also clear your browsing history in Settings to remove the Frequently Visited section and other browsing data from all of your iCloud-connected devices.

David Sunnyside
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