How to Turn Off Furbo

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Furbo is a pet camera that’s designed to let you know when your dog or cat wants to interact with you. The device uses a combination of sensors and software to identify when your pet is trying to reach you, and then sends you notifications on your smartphone so you can talk back to them. The camera can be a great way to keep an eye on your pets, but there are some issues that may arise from time to time.

One such issue is that your furbo might not turn on at the right time. The solution to this is simple, you just need to reset your device. This can be done by pressing the reset button using a pin or paperclip and waiting until the light turns green again. Once this is done, you can start the setup process again.

During the setup process, you will need to connect your device with your Wi-Fi network. To do this, you need to make sure that your router is running on 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz. You will also need to input the correct Wi-Fi password to complete the setup process.

If you encounter a problem with the Wi-Fi connection, it is usually because the Furbo is not receiving enough power. The best way to resolve this is by rebooting your router and resetting the Furbo. After this, you can restart the Wi-Fi connection on the smartphone app and reconnect with your home network.

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