How to Turn Off Messages in Elden Ring

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

elden ring turn off messages

Elden Ring has been met with overwhelming praise since its release from FromSoftware. Players have engaged with one another both directly (through summoning) and indirectly through messages and bloodstains scattered around the landscape. While some messages can be helpful or funny, others can be annoying and distracting - especially for newer players unfamiliar with Soulsborne franchise. Luckily, disabling such messages is simple enough so players can continue with gameplay without being bothered by these messages.

Elden Ring features messages and bloodstains as an integral component of its gameplay, which enables players to leave small hints for other players using preset words and phrases. This is meant to make the world feel less isolated; these may include warnings against enemies or environmental hazards; in other instances they could simply be trolling from veteran or experienced players who delight in seeing novice players stumble around aimlessly.

Messaging can be extremely annoying when trying to advance through a game and needing to stop every few feet to check for new messages. From telling you to try jumping off of a cliff to promising an imaginary wall, these messages can severely interfere with your flow and playstyle - though there is a way of turning them off; although it requires more than simply altering settings.

In order to stop seeing messages, you'll need to go offline. While this will stop you from viewing other players' spirits and disabling their bloodstains, it will also disable all online features within Elden Ring, including summons and invaders - making Elden Ring less suitable for players looking to quickly progress through its storylines.

As such, the best way to stop messages is to disconnect your console or PC from the internet before starting up the game - this will prevent any online functionality from running, and let you enjoy Lands Between as if it were singleplayer experience. Although it means forgoing some features that Elden Ring provides, this should help speed up gameplay on all current consoles and PCs running the latest version of Elden Ring game. This method should work across consoles and PCs running current version of Elden Ring game. Please remember, though, that having different settings from friends will not prevent co-op play if they use the same settings as you. If you need any assistance with your Elden Ring experience, visit our dedicated guide for assistance. Thanks again for reading, and please stay safe out there!

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