How to Turn Off Tamagotchi

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

A tamagotchi is an interactive digital toy that simulates taking care of a virtual pet. It requires regular feeding, cleaning, and playtime to keep it happy and healthy. If you’re unable to attend to your tamagotchi, you can pause it. While a pause is not the same as turning off your tamagotchi, it will prevent it from calling for attention or waking up. To pause your tamagotchi, press and hold the A and B buttons. The device will display the words “PAUSE”.

The sound of a tamagotchi is important, as it alerts you to your pet’s needs and activities. It also helps you identify whether your pet is happy, sad, hungry, or sick.

If you don’t listen to your tamagotchi, it can become ill. A skull icon will appear on the screen when it’s sick, and the tamagotchi will sit in the center of the screen. To cure your tamagotchi, select the MEDICINE icon repeatedly until it is no longer sick.

Another way to stop the sound on your tamagotchi is by removing the batteries. You can find the batteries in the back portion of the tamagotchi. To remove the batteries, loosen the screw in the back and pull out the old ones. Replace the old batteries with two new AAA batteries. Make sure to use the same brand and type of battery.

You can also turn off the sounds of your tamagotchi by pressing and holding the A button and C button simultaneously. This will open an option menu that allows you to toggle the sound ON or OFF.

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