How to Turn on a PS4 That Won't Turn On

January 11, 2024
David Sunnyside

Many gamers have experienced an issue where their console won’t turn on. When pressing the power button nothing happens, or it turns on but then immediately shuts off again. This article will explain what to do in this situation and hopefully help you fix it.

First, ensure that the power cable is properly plugged in. Plug the end of the cable into the power input on the back of the PS4 and the other end into a working power outlet. If the power cord is damaged it should be replaced. If the power outlet is working but the PS4 still won’t turn on, try a different one.

Also check that the HDMI cable is plugged into both the PS4 and the TV correctly. Test the HDMI port on the TV by plugging in a different device (like a DVD player). If the problem persists, consider replacing the HDMI cable.

If the problem continues, the PS4 may be infested with bugs. Since the console has large vent holes to allow air flow, it can be susceptible to physical insects such as roaches. Infestation can short out internal components and lead to a failure to turn on. If this is the case it’s recommended to open the console and clean it thoroughly to resolve the issue.

Another potential cause of this problem is a failed hard drive. In this situation, the console will usually not turn on unless it is placed in rest mode. The power indicator light will be white and will start flashing to indicate that the console is preparing to turn off.

David Sunnyside
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