How to Turn on Light on Lectric XP Lite Folding Electric Bike

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you have purchased an ebike, there are some steps you must take to ensure it is properly set up and ready for riding. This includes turning on the lights to ensure you are riding safely in low-light conditions. To do so, locate the switch, often located on the handlebars, and toggle it to turn on. In addition, you must activate your bike’s pedal assist to ensure you are riding at the correct speed.

The XP Lite folding ebike from Phoenix, AZ-based Lectric arrives in one of the smallest boxes I’ve seen for an ebike, making it easy to take out of the box and set up. The manual is printed on nice thick paper that provides detailed instructions for setting up the bike including how to raise or lower the seat, tilt the frame angle, assemble the stem, and tighten bolts. The manual also includes torque specifications for each bolt on the frame and hub motor. It also provides a list of all the different display settings and how to change them including adjusting the “P08” setting which allows the hub motor to assist up to 28mph.

To access the display settings on the lectric xp, first power it on by pressing and holding the power button. Once the display is on, you can adjust how your ebike operates by using the + and - buttons on the left hand control module. There are 21 total settings you can adjust, although Lectric only provides definitions for 10 of them in their manual.

David Sunnyside
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