How to Turn on Vibrate on iPhone

February 2, 2024
David Sunnyside

Whether you’re a new iPhone user or you’ve been using one for awhile, knowing how to turn on vibrate on iphone is an important skill. This allows you to silence your phone without disturbing anyone else and can be particularly helpful in business situations. It also helps you practice good etiquette when meeting with clients.

To set vibration for calls, text tones, and other sounds, go to Settings > Sound & Haptics. Select a sound type (ringtone, clock alarms, or a chime), and then choose a vibration pattern. You can also change the sounds your iPhone plays for specific people by going to Contacts, tapping a person, and then choosing a ringtone or text tone. You can also adjust the haptics on your iPhone by selecting System Haptics and enabling or disabling haptic keyboard feedback.

If you have a custom vibration pattern and are not hearing or feeling a vibration when your phone is in silent mode, there could be a problem with your haptics. Check the vibration patterns you have set for various alert types (text tone, new voicemail, etc.). If none of them are working, enable the toggle next to ‘Vibrate on Silent’ in the Accessibility settings.

If you continue to experience phantom vibrations, it’s likely that your phone is unlocked and brushing against things like your bag or pocket. You can try to reduce this by making sure that you lock your screen whenever you’re not actively using it.

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