How to Turn SOS Off on iPhone

November 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

The iPhone's SOS feature is designed to alert your emergency contacts when your cellular service connection is lost or you cannot make calls, send texts, or use data. This feature can be extremely useful in times of trouble, especially if you are hiking or camping outdoors. However, if you find yourself frequently receiving SOS calls, it may be time to disable the feature.

While SOS can be a handy tool, it can also be very irritating when it triggers by accident. There are several ways that an iPhone user might accidentally trigger the SOS button, including a mishap with the phone mount or increased sensitivity of the fall detection function. In this article, we will discuss how to turn sos off on iphone and give you some alternative methods to avoid unwelcome emergency calls from your phone.

You can easily disable SOS on an iPhone using the Control Center. Simply launch the Control Center by swiping from the screen's top right corner. This will bring up your Emergency SOS slider; you can slide it to the left to disable the feature. Alternatively, you can go to your Settings to disable the feature.

You can also try using an all-in-one iOS repair program to fix iPhone issues like not being able to turn off SOS. WooTechy iPhixer is one such program that is designed to address a wide range of iOS problems and restore devices to normal functioning. It has a high success rate and is safe to use.

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