How to Turn Vibrate Off on Your iPhone

January 17, 2024
David Sunnyside

The iPhone’s vibration feature alerts you to calls, text messages, and app notifications in a more discreet way than an audible ringtone. But if you want to disable the option, it takes just a few taps to do so. You can also customize haptics in Settings or create your own vibration pattern to use as an alternative.

By default, iPhone vibrates when it’s in Ring mode and when you receive a call, a notification, or a text message in the Notifications app. You can control these options via the sliders for Vibrate on Ring and Play Haptics in Silent Mode. If both of these are set to green, the phone will vibrate when it rings or you receive an alert.

You can also customize ringtones and alert tones for individual contacts. To do so, choose a contact from your list and tap Edit to select a ringtone or alert tone. You can also create your own custom vibrations by tapping Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Vibration > Custom.

You can also control the vibrations that occur during typing and general system controls. These are triggered by a haptic Keyboard Feedback setting that you can find in Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback and the System Haptics toggle. If you’re experiencing genuinely random iPhone vibrations, first make sure that these settings aren’t to blame by checking that your iPhone isn’t accidentally pressing against something that’s triggering the haptics.

David Sunnyside
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