How to Turn Words Into Cartoons

July 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

A cartoon is a drawing that depicts its subject in a caricatured or humorous way, often with a caption. It can be used to make a point about a current event in a humorous way or simply for entertainment. Cartoons can be found in newspapers and magazines or as part of an animated film.

In the Middle Ages, the term referred to full-sized drawings used as designs for pieces of art like paintings, frescoes or tapestries (known as modellos). From the 19th century, the meaning shifted to a pictorial parody of serious subjects, and from the mid-20th century it also referred to comic strips and animated films.

One of the most popular ways to turn words into cartoons is by using a photo to cartoon software program such as Image Cartoonizer. This program is easy to use and can make your photos look professional and unique.

There are several other options for turning words into cartoons, such as hand drawings and animation programs. Illustrator Jonathan Harris has a large following on YouTube for his videos where he draws optical illusions and hand painted cartoons. Another option is to use Adobe Photoshop to create a cartoon from a photograph. This is a time-honored technique that many graphic designers use to produce high-quality cartoons.

While an illustration can communicate a point, a cartoon adds emotion and a visual voice to your message. They can be a great tool for communicating a customer journey or explaining complex concepts. An illustration can communicate a single point of view, while a cartoon can show multiple points of views in an empathetic and entertaining way.

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