How to Undo a Repost on TikTok

November 14, 2023
David Sunnyside

Repost on tiktok is a handy feature that allows you to share trendy videos with your followers. However, there are times when you might regret reposting a video or even want to delete it completely. Fortunately, TikTok makes it easy to undo or remove repost on tiktok, giving you full control over what you share.

The first thing you need to do is navigate to the video you reposted. Then, select the arrow button in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will open a new menu with the option “Remove repost.” This will prompt a pop-up asking you to confirm the removal. Tap “Remove” again to complete the process.

If you’re not sure where the video you reposted is, check your liked videos tab on your profile. Alternatively, you can ask a friend to message the video to you. These methods make it easier to find the reposted video and delete it.

There are many reasons why you might want to remove a repost on tiktok, such as realizing you didn’t mean to share something, not wanting to clutter your feed with videos from creators you don’t subscribe to, or changing your mind about supporting something featured in the video. Regardless of the reason, it’s easy to undo a repost on tiktok and get back to posting content you actually want to see.

When using the Repost feature, always remember to give credit to the original poster by tagging them in your post or including them in the caption. This will help them build engagement on their own account and improve the chances of their videos showing up in yours as well.

David Sunnyside
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