How to Undo on Excel

January 14, 2024
David Sunnyside

Undo on excel is a feature that allows you to reverse your last actions. This can be useful if you accidentally delete a worksheet, change a formatting attribute, or just make a mistake when working in Excel. You can use the undo button or keyboard shortcuts to restore your previous work.

You can undo up to 100 actions. It is recommended that you save your files frequently so that you have a way to recover your work if something goes wrong. The ability to undo is also important for people who write macros as they can accidentally create a loop of code that will continue to run until you stop it.

In addition to the standard undo functionality, you can also use the History feature. This feature shows a list of all the changes that you have made to a spreadsheet and allows you to select individual items from the list and then undo them. This feature is particularly helpful if you are making multiple changes to a spreadsheet in quick succession, as it will allow you to go back and fix any errors that you have made before they become serious problems.

To access the History feature, click the small arrow to the right of the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar in Windows and Mac or on the Home tab in Excel online. Note that some actions cannot be undone, including clicking menu items, saving a file, and deleting sheets.

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