How to Undo on Mac

February 13, 2024
David Sunnyside

One of the great things about using a computer is that it’s pretty easy to undo mistakes. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted your file, moved something to trash and changed your mind, or just plain messed up typing, the simple keyboard shortcut of Cmd+Z is usually enough to go back a few steps and fix what went wrong. Most applications also support the ability to Redo, so if you’ve gone too far back with undo, you can just hit Cmd+Y to reinstate the last action.

While the ability to undo changes on mac is a great feature, it can be limited in how far back you can go with the keyboard shortcut or the Edit menu option. It’s also not always available in every application. For example, if you have already saved and closed an image that you’re editing with Preview, then the Undo shortcut or the Undo option in the Edit menu won’t work to revoke those changes. In this article, we’ll show you a few different ways to undo and redo on mac, including specific instructions for different apps like Notes, Word, Photos, Pages, Preview, and Numbers.

We’ll also cover some more advanced tips, such as how to undo a permanently deleted file on mac or how to revert to previous versions of files in apps that support this feature. And if you’ve emptied your Trash, we have a few helpful tips for recovering those deleted files as well.

David Sunnyside
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