How to Undo Repost on TikTok

January 18, 2024
David Sunnyside

Reposting on tiktok is an easy way to share videos with your followers. It lets you show your audience content from other users, while crediting the original creator. The repost button is similar to Twitter’s retweet, but it only sends out the video to your friends’ For You feeds.

Reposts are a great way to increase engagement on your TikTok profile. They’re also an excellent tool for finding new audiences and promoting your own content. However, it’s important to be selective about which videos you repost, as over-reposting can hurt your account’s performance in the long run. This article explains how to undo repost on tiktok, as well as a few other tips for using the repost button effectively.

How to Delete Repost on tiktok

Unlike the Like button, the Repost option doesn’t appear on your TikTok profile or feed. However, you can find any reposted videos by looking at your Watch History, Bookmarks, or search filters. If you want to delete a repost, just play the video and tap Share (the right-arrow) > Remove Repost.

This method works on both the iPhone and Android versions of the app. If you want to be sure you’ve deleted the repost, you can ask one of your TikTok friends if they’ve seen it in their For You feeds. You can also use third party TikTok management apps that provide detailed analytics about your reposts. However, it’s best to avoid reposting any content that violates TikTok’s rules, as doing so can negatively affect your account’s performance and result in shadowbanning, preventing you from viewing your own content.

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