How to Unlike Something on Facebook

December 25, 2023
David Sunnyside

The "Like" button on facebook is a great way to show support or interest in a post, comment, photo or link shared by a friend. If you like a post or comment it will appear in your news feed and your friends can see that you liked the content. However, if you've changed your mind or no longer want to show support for a post you can unlike it. Unliked posts and comments will no longer appear in your news feed and the person whose post you liked won't get a notification that you've removed your like.

How to unlike something on fb

There are two places where you can unlike a page you've liked: from the news feed and your activity log. From the news feed you can hover over a liked page to like or unlike it. From your activity log you can use a search function to find and unlike multiple pages at once, but this is time consuming and not ideal if you have lots of pages that you've liked recently.

To unlike a page you've liked on your desktop computer or laptop, navigate to the page in question by searching for it or clicking it in your news feed. Then, underneath the Page's cover photo you will see a "Liked" button. Click this button to unlike the Page.

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