How to Unlock Maytag Commercial Technology Washer Doors

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

If your washers door lock light is flashing, it indicates that there is a problem with either the lock motor not moving into a locked position or the control board sending the wrong command. A lid striker that isn’t fully closed or the lock itself having something interfering with it can also cause the light to flash. In many cases, resetting the washer by pausing it and then pressing the start button will correct the issue.

A general issue can be that the washer is full of water or lint is jamming the components, so it may take several minutes for the door to unlock. Another solution is to cancel the wash cycle and wait for the machine to unlock. Finally, a green plastic rope/string located near the detergent area on some models of this washer can be pulled to manually unlock the washers door.

The first step is to disassemble the upper panel of the washer that locates around the washing drum. This will allow you to access the wiring for the lid lock switch door latch assembly. If the assembly is disconnected, it can be easily fixed by connecting its wiring back to the panel using a screwdriver. Alternatively, if the assembly is not connected to the panel, a new one can be bought online for about $20. Once the door lock assembly is connected, you can reassemble the washer and plugin it to test if it works correctly.

David Sunnyside
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