How to Unmute iPhone

November 2, 2023
David Sunnyside

Silent mode is an important feature of your iPhone that provides additional security and a number of benefits. You can use it to quickly disable your smartphone’s microphone during a call or in public to prevent other people from hearing your voice. There are several ways to turn off your iPhone’s silent mode, including using the Ringer button, Settings, Control Centre, or Assistive Touch.

The Ring/Silent switch is a small, oval-shaped switch on the left side of your iPhone. If it is pushed all the way in, your iPhone is in silent mode and notifications will not ring out loud or vibrate when you receive them. To disable the Ring/Silent switch, you can open your Settings and scroll down to Sound or Sounds and Haptics. You should see a slider labeled “Ringer and Alerts” – drag this slider to the right to unmute your iPhone.

If you cannot get your iPhone to unmute from these methods, there may be a software issue. It is recommended to update your phone to the latest iOS version to minimize such issues.

If you have a newer iPhone and it’s not muted, you can simply swipe down from the top of your screen to activate Control Center and then push the ringer icon (which looks like a microphone with a slash through it) to turn off silent mode. You can also adjust your ringtone and alert volume from this menu. If you are still having trouble, you can try restarting your iPhone.

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