How to Unrestrict Someone on Facebook

February 17, 2024
David Sunnyside

If you're concerned about someone seeing your private Facebook posts, the Restricted list is a great option. The person you add to the list can still see your public content, but all other posts and profile information that are set to private will remain hidden from them. It's an easy way to keep your privacy intact without unfriending or blocking the person.

However, if you've restricted a friend by accident or because of a misunderstanding, it may be best to reverse the restriction as soon as possible. You can do this easily by logging into your Facebook account via desktop or mobile and accessing the custom lists section.

Unlike blocking, which completely prohibits interaction with a person's account on Facebook, restricting allows a person to remain friends on Messenger but hides their calls, messages and upcoming posts from them. Restricting is also less severe than muting an account, which can be seen as a career or relationship-ending move.

Misrepresenting Your Business

Creating an account that isn't your own to promote or sell something can be considered a violation of Facebook's Advertising Policies. This can include using someone else's pictures or providing misleading information about your business.

Restricting a person can be done from the Facebook website or the mobile app, but the process is much easier on the app. This is because the app makes it easier to manage multiple people at once and also lets you quickly undo any restrictions that have been placed on a friend.

David Sunnyside
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