How to Unsnooze Someone on Facebook

December 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

If someone or a page is constantly flooding your facebook feed with content that you don't like, you can put them to sleep and stop seeing their posts for 30 days. This feature is called "Snooze". The great thing is that the person you snooze won't know that you have snoozed them. You can snooze any account, page, or group on facebook (even those who are not your friends). When you are done with them, you can simply unsnooze them and see their updates again.

How to unsnooze someone on facebook

The easiest way to unsnooze someone is on the mobile app. You will need to visit the profile of the person or page you want to unsnooze, and then tap the three-dots button. This will show you the options to snooze, mute, and delete. Then select "Unsnooze".

You can also unsnooze from the desktop version of facebook. You will need to open your facebook news feed, and then locate a post from the person or page that you want to unsnooze. At the top-right corner of the post, click the three-dots icon. Then click the "Manage your feed" option. This will take you to the News Feed Preferences page. At the bottom of the page, you will see a "Snooze" section. If you have snoozed any accounts, pages, or groups on facebook, they will be listed here with a blue clock symbol. If you click the clock, you will be able to set the amount of time that you want them to be snoozed for.

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