How to Update Raycon Earbuds

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you’re a Raycon user, you may have encountered a few problems with your earbuds. Whether they’re not working at all, one earbud is quieter than the other, or your device can’t connect to them, a few quick fixes can solve these issues and get you back to listening!

First, make sure your earbuds have a full charge. You can usually check this in your Bluetooth settings on your phone or computer. Next, if you’re having trouble pairing your earbuds, it could be because they aren’t recognized as earbuds by your device. To fix this, open your phone or computer’s Settings menu and look for an option to “Pair with a new device” or “Scan for devices.” This will allow you to reconnect your earbuds and begin the pairing process anew.

Lastly, it could be that your earbuds are experiencing firmware issues or another technical problem that can be solved by resetting them. To reset your earbuds, delete the Raycon names from the Bluetooth settings of all paired devices. Then turn off your earbuds and place them in their case for 30 seconds. Once you’ve removed them from the case, reconnect them to your device and follow the pairing instructions in the manual. If you continue to experience syncing or connectivity problems, contact Raycon customer service for further assistance.

David Sunnyside
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