How to Update the Facebook App

December 4, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Facebook app is an important part of your social network experience. The app has an impressive range of features, including the ability to browse photos and status updates, send messages and chat with friends, and more. Facebook periodically updates the app to improve security, add new features and fix bugs. The update process can vary depending on your device. In most cases, it will automatically update the app when an available update is detected. However, you can also manually update the Facebook app by following a few simple steps.

In the Privacy menu, you can control how people find and contact you on Facebook. For example, you can choose whether to display your email address or work location on your profile. You can also use this menu to restrict who can view your friend list. Finally, you can decide whether to allow everyone, your friends, or only specific friends to see the names of people tagged in your posts.

You can also limit who can see your timeline posts by tapping on the audience selector when making a post. You can also adjust the audience of past posts, although this will not affect anyone who already saw those posts. Finally, you can change whether links you share open in Facebook or external apps.

If you want to make changes to your Facebook settings, it's best to do so on a desktop computer. This is because Facebook hides many of the settings in a multi-page Privacy Checkup "guided review" on mobile browsers and the mobile app.

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