How to Update Vizio Soundbar Firmware

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Vizio soundbars are great audio devices, but they need regular firmware updates to keep up with the latest audio trends and technology. Unfortunately, sometimes the automatic firmware update won't work out because of technical glitches in the device. You can easily get your Vizio soundbar updated with a few easy steps and a USB flash drive. This article will help you do that.

If your Vizio soundbar doesn't start working whenever you turn it on or starts playing a weird distorted noise, the issue is probably due to power-saving modes in both the TV and the sound bar. The power-saving mode shuts down communication channels between the modules to save energy. To fix the problem, make sure that the eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) setting is disabled on your TV. To do that, go to the TV's Settings > General > Eco Solution > HDMI-eARC Mode. Once you've disabled the eARC mode, reboot both the soundbar and the TV and check if they are operating normally now.

Alternatively, you can try updating the soundbar's firmware manually using your PC and an empty USB flash drive. Follow the simple instructions below and you will be able to update your vizio soundbar without connecting it to the internet.

First, you should download the latest version of the SmartCast app on your mobile phone and connect it to the same wireless network as the soundbar. Then, disconnect the power cord from the soundbar and insert the USB flash drive into one of the ports on the side of the device. After a few seconds, the two Tiny LED lights on the front of the soundbar will turn on and indicate that the process is underway. The lights will stay on until the update is complete. Once the update is finished, the LED lights will turn off.

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